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Blessing of the Flocks

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Blessing of the Flocks

Blessing of the Flocks

09 July 2023
Vila Franca da Serra, Gouveia

The Blessing of the Flocks in the parish of Vila Franca da Serra will take place on Sunday 9 July, as part of the Cultural Network Lands of Transhumance. 

With a meeting next to the Chapel of St Anthony, Popular Saint of wide and comprehensive devotion, the popular and the flocks gather for the traditional Blessing, making the devout request for good pastures, regarding good food, health and protection of the cattle. 

The programme of festivities includes, at 3:00 pm, a concert presented by the Philharmonic Band of Good Education of Vila Cova de Tavares, next to the Fonte da Bica, which will start the event and animate popular and visitors. 

At 4.30 pm, the pedestrian route follows, of a circular nature, which extends over 3 km and has a low level of difficulty. Called this year the "Bread Cycle" route, participants will be able to learn more about the outlines of this ancestral practice, as well as its production method, from rye harvesting to baking. At 6 pm, next to the chapel of St Anthony, the Blessing of the Flocks will begin, followed by a community snack. 

The activity is free of charge and limited to a maximum participation of 50 people. 

Included in the cultural network "Lands of Transhumance" - integrated by the municipalities of Castro Daire, Gouveia, Seia and the Gardunha 21 Development Agency - the Blessing of the Sheep is an initiative resulting from the partnership of the Municipality of Gouveia and the Parish Council of Vila Franca da Serra.