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By the five senses...

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Route of 2 days

Region Beira Baixa
03 Chave Barrocal
selecao Almeida 10
Cabrapreta Restaurante 3
Quintadassesmarias Sala 2
Lagar Varas1
Vilaportuguesa Experiencia 10

Through the 5 senses...

PDO Beira Baixa Region

This is a route that promises to awaken the 5 senses. The look will find stunning landscapes. The chirping of birds, the running of watercourses and the silence will be perfect for any ears looking for days of rest. With our hands, we will feel nature, the land, but also the most genuine traditions.

At the table, smell and taste are joined by all the other senses for a set of unique experiences. We will taste the Beira Baixa PDO cheese and delight in its three types of cheese: Beira Baixa PDO Yellow, Beira Baixa PDO White Castle and Beira Baixa PDO Spicy. It will be so easy to get carried away by sensations and flavours... it will be difficult to choose your favourite cheese.

Region PDO Beira Baixa
Two-day itinerary
Route Locations
Castelo Branco - Vila Velha de Ródão


All experiences, stays and suggested meals require advance booking.

Day 1

Morning and Lunch

Flavours and Knowledge, an experience through handmade cheese (includes lunch with regional products) ApiJardins | Castelo Branco ApiJardins | Castelo Branco


Visit to Barrocal Park | Castelo Branco

Cheese tasting at Queijaria Almeida - Comércio e Indústria de Queijo Lda. Queijaria Almeida – Comércio e Indústria de Queijo Lda. | Castelo Branco


Restaurante Cabra Preta | Castelo Branco


Animal Chest Arca dos Animais ou Quinta das Sesmarias | Castelo Branco

Almourão Houses Casas do Almourão | Vila Velha de Ródão

Day 2


Visit to Lagar de Varas do Cabeço das Pesqueiras | Vila Velha de Ródão


Restaurant VilaPortuguesa | Vila Velha de Ródão


Boat trip on the Tagus River with tasting of cheeses and other regional products | Vila Velha de Ródão

* Program can be complemented with other routes, or with other complementary activities and events in the territory.


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