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Pilgrimage of Nossa Senhora de Assedace

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Pilgrimage of Nossa Senhora de Assedace

Pilgrimage of Nossa Senhora de Assedace

08 September 2023
Folgosinho, Gouveia

The Pilgrimage of Nossa Senhora de Assedace takes place on 8 September and is one of the most important moments for the parish of Folgosinho.

An annual event that marks the celebration of transhumance, evoking the descent of the flocks of Estrela Mountain and where the sacred and the profane merge in a mixture of gratitude, devotion and celebration.

Nossa Senhora de Assedace is, per excellence, the protector of the shepherds and cattleof Estrela Mountain, and her chapel, isolated in Casais de Folgosinho and located at 935 metres above sea level, is consequently a place of cult, pilgrimage, promises and blessings.

The festival begins on the 7th, the eve of the "big day", with many people flocking to the place to stay overnight and live intensely the atmosphere of faith and celebration around Nossa Senhora de Assedace.

The programme for the 8th begins at 07h30, with a gathering near the chapel, and at 08h00 the interpretive walk through the Casais de Folgosinho.

The Pilgrimage of the Flocks is the highlight of the festival and is scheduled for 10 am, followed by the religious celebrations of the Eucharist and the Procession, organised by the Brotherhood of Souls and led by the parish priest of Folgosinho.

In the afternoon, there will also be room for the traditional snack and the offerings.

The activities are free of charge, but prior registration is required.

For this purpose, you can register, until the 6th of September, in person at the Tourist Office of Gouveia, located in Jardim da Ribeira or alternatively, through the email: or telephone contacts: 238 083 930 ou 962 033 099.