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Transhumance of Herds - Transhumance Lands in Vila Nova de Tazem

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Transhumance of Herds - Transhumance Lands in Vila Nova de Tazem

Transhumance of Herds - Transhumance Lands in Vila Nova de Tazem

20 August 2023
Vila Nova de Tazem, Gouveia

With the end of summer and the approach of the colder seasons, the same route will be taken - but this time in reverse - down the mountain, in order to avoid the harsh climate typical of Autumn in the Mountain.

Thus, on 20 August, the herds of Vila Nova de Tazem will go down the mountain, returning to the parish and escaping the harsh climatic conditions of altitude.

The journey of these flocks, as well as their arrival, are wrapped in a festive and lively atmosphere, signalling the purest expression of tradition, culture and affirmation of the identity of the mountain culture.

The programme of activities, open to tourists, visitors and all those who want to have this unique experience, includes the concentration at 14h00, at Av. Dr. Joaquim Borges, in Vila Nova de Tazem. At 2.15 pm, the transfer between Vila Nova de Tazem and Vale do Rossim will take place.

Later, at 16h00, the meeting with the flocks will take place in the Rossim Valley area, to the beginning of the downhill. The arrival in Vila Nova de Tazem will be at 23h00, where the supper with the shepherds will take place.

The activity, free of charge, will be limited to a maximum participation of 50 people.

Registrations can be made, until 16 August, in person at the Gouveia Tourist Office, located in Jardim da Ribeira or alternatively, via email: or telephone contacts: 238 083 930 ou 962 033 099.

This initiative, which is part of the cultural network Lands of Transhumance, is an organisation of Joaquim Marvão, the shepherd who annually promotes this transhumance, in partnership with the Municipality of Gouveia and the Parish Council of Vila Nova de Tazem.