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A day to be a shepherd and to be a cheese maker

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One-day itinerary

Region of Estrela Mountain
Quinta da Estaca 1
Quinta da Estaca 2
Vale da Estrela 15
Vale da Estrela 16
Covadaloba Restaurante 2
Queijaria Tia Amelia 3
Queijaria Tia Amelia 1
Queijaria Tia Amelia Queijos Confecao5

A day to be a Shepherd and a Cheese Maker

Serra da Estrela PDO Region

For one day, feel like a true shepherd and a true cheese maker.  Follow closely the entire production cycle of Serra da Estrela PDO Cheese, while enjoying the magnificent landscapes and authentic flavours.

Go along with gastronomic tastings combined with the products of the land and the best regional flavours. It will be 24 hours, on a journey to the roots, to the genuineness of a unique and incomparable flavour, to a common legacy and heritage: Serra da Estrela PDO Cheese.

Region PDO Serra da Estrela
One-day itinerary
Route Locations
Nelas - Mangualde - Celorico da Beira


All experiences, stays and suggested meals require advance booking.

Day 1


Visit the farm and grazing at Quinta da Estaca - Lucília Rosa Assunção Loureiro | Nelas

Visit and tasting at Vale da Estrela | Mangualde


Restaurante Cova da Loba | Celorico da Beira


Visit to Agostinho Saraiva Pais – Queijaria Tia Amélia | Celorico da Beira

* Program can be complemented with other routes, or with other complementary activities and events in the territory.


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