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Living landscapes, traditions and flavours

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Three-day itinerary

Region of Estrela Mountain
Quinta do Cruzeiro 9
Restaurante Olea 12
Queijaria do Germil 6
Insua Exterior
Insua Saladejantar
Insua Queijo 2
Quinta do Cruzeiro 1
Covadaloba Restaurante 2
Edificio Solar Do Queijo
Pontedoscavaleiros Exposicao
Qmadredagua Restaurante 5
Sao Cosme 5
Museu do Pao 7
Quinta da Pena 10

Living landscapes, traditions and flavours

Serra da Estrela PDO Region

On a journey to the origins, we discover the Serra da Estrela PDO cheese. Kept from generation to generation, it reaches our days with the same genuineness and authenticity. Let's discover this unique flavour and a story that brings together landscapes, hands and faces... the dedication that gives Serra da Estrela PDO Cheese an exceptional soul.

Let's live new adventures. Enjoy the fields between the mountains that extend to infinity. Accompany the herds and participate in their milking. We are shepherds for a day and we know that the staff carries wisdom and love. We literally get our hands dirty and learn how to make cheese. We know that the secret is in the milk, but also in the dedicated hands that mould them. We sit at the table, or on the floor, outdoors, amid the silence and splendour of a place blessed by nature. With time, we savour and taste: This is a unique cheese, we mix the bread and the olive oil, we delight ourselves again and again and we surprise ourselves with a thousand and one creations and harmonisations.

Through landscapes, traditions and flavours we will live.

Region PDO Serra da Estrela
Three-day itinerary
Route Locations
Oliveira do Hospital - Penalva do Castelo - Celorico da Beira - Gouveia – Seia


All experiences, stays and suggested meals require advance booking.

Day 1


Visit to Quinta do Cruzeiro | Oliveira do Hospital


Restaurante Olea | Oliveira do Hospital


Visit to Queijaria do Germil | Penalva do Castelo

Tasting gourmet products Casa da Ínsua | Penalva do Castelo

Dinner and Stay

Casa da Ínsua | Penalva do Castelo

2.º day


Serra da Estrela cheese production workshop, at Casa da Ínsua | Penalva do Castelo


Restaurante Cova da Loba | Celorico da Beira


Visit to Manor house of Estrela Mountain cheese ou Farmer and Cheese Museum | Celorico da Beira

Visit to the cheese factory Ponte dos Cavaleiros | Gouveia

Dinner and Stay

Quinta Madre de Água | Gouveia

3.º day


Cheese Route in Quinta São Cosme | Gouveia


Restaurant of Museu do Pão | Seia

* Program can be complemented with other routes, or with other complementary activities and events in the territory.


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