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Embraced by history and flavours

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Three-day itinerary

Routes from regions near Estrela Mountain and Rabaçal
Queijaria Dos Lobos 7
Restaurante Olea 8
Insua Saladejantar
Madredagua Quarto 2
Sao Cosme 5
Alkimya Restaurante 2
Newhandlab Art 2
Beiralacte Mostraqueijos
Conventodoseixo Experiencia 3
Cabrapreta Restaurante 14
Cercadesign Habitacao 2
Quintadassesmarias Sala 2
Dom Sesnando 14
Queijaria Rabacal Queijos

Embraced by history and flavours

3 Regions Route

Let's go... to the Centre of the Country, to taste incomparable cheeses that tell the stories of the very lands in which they are produced. We start by getting to know the Serra da Estrela PDO cheese up close and then move on to the Beira Baixa PDO cheese and the Rabaçal PDO cheese. Let's discover traditions and ways of life.

Let's... take a deep breath and feel the breeze of breathtaking landscapes. Let's put on the shepherd's skin and take the flock to the meadow. We will mould the cheese with our own hands and see unique cheeses born in the world.

Let's... taste the best flavours, discover a thousand and one ways to enjoy these cheeses and pair them with the best wines in the region.

Let's... talk to the protagonists and listen to the stories of those who, with a twinkle in their eye, keep a precious legacy.

Let's... feel embraced by history and flavours. Let's feel at home!

Region PDO Serra da Estrela
Region PDO Beira Baixa
Region PDO Rabaçal
Three-day itinerary
Route Locations
Oliveira do Hospital - Penalva do Castelo - Gouveia - Covilhã - Fundão - Castelo Branco - Penela


All experiences, stays and suggested meals require advance booking.

Day 1


Workshop "Hands on" at Queijaria Dos Lobos | Oliveira do Hospital


Restaurante Olea | Oliveira do Hospital


Tasting of gourmet products at Casa da Ínsua | Penalva do Castelo

Dinner and Stay

Quinta Madre de Água | Gouveia

Day 2


Cheese Route Experience at Quinta São Cosme | Gouveia


Restaurante Alkimya | Covilhã

Visit to New Hand Lab | Covilhã


Cheese Tasting at Queijaria BeiraLacte - Lacticínios da Beira | Fundão


Restaurant Convento do Seixo Boutique Hotel & Spa | Fundão

or Restaurante Cabra Preta | Castelo Branco

Day 3


Cheese Tasting at Queijaria Sabores da Soalheira | Castelo Branco


Cheese Tasting at A Queijeira do Rabaçal | Penela

* Program can be complemented with other routes, or with other complementary activities and events in the territory.


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